The Diaspora Travels: Haiti goes Video Installation, In Solidarity Show at ASpace

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.53.44 PMIn my quest of practicing intentional vulnerability, critical honesty but at the same time imaginative optimism, here is another #journalsofadocuvixen

I know it has been a minute journal fans but it still has up and down emotionally but to be honest I will take where I am now over to where I was last year any day of the week. Taking note of blessings and having gratitude for each day.   Ya I know never got to those 18519499_10158987847220508_3494607541151414472_nsecond reflections, I have them written in a journal on paper tho, will eventually share.

Anyway in the depths of winter, where I was on the usually thinking pattern on what am I going to do for money, and getting another rejection from one of the Arts Councils, got granted a grant, only to be like sorry nope you don’t got it no more. And again contemplating giving up this whole damn art thing for good. I just want to work at a small bookstore kinda thing (ya the 2 of them),  began applying for every job out there but haven’t yet received a call back, as yet.  Actually this week I was like maybe I should be a postal worker, you know get to walk everywhere, although I don’t think I could do the winters.

Things started to thaw, and Vicky Moufawad-Paul – Director / Curator director of A Space Gallery, contacted me saying that she wanted to program my work in Haiti some how, and the makings of this show began to take form, I met with Rehab around her work, and here we are the Opening is here, at A Space Gallery.

Flip Malinda Francis Sa-k-la-k-Wel Crew February March 2015, Oban, Jacmel Haiti

Malinda Francis, Sa-k-la-k-Wel Crew, Oban, Jacmel Haiti, video still, 2015

In Solidarity

Malinda Francis, Rehab Nazzal
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 110 (Gallery is on the First floor)

Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8 Canada
(Spadina and Richmond)

Tel: 416.979.9633
Fax: 416.979.9683


Exhibition runs May 26 2017 – July 8 2017
Opening: May 26 2017: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Presented by A Space Gallery in partnership with Trinity Square Video
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Tuesday to Friday 11am – 5pm
Saturday 12pm – 5pm

In Solidarity is a two-person exhibition that features collaborative projects from Malinda Francis and Rehab Nazzal. Francis is a video artist that spent time in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. She captured a grassroots international and multilingual community moving off the grid and building an “Earthship.” Using recycled materials to rebuild the community school of “Sa-k-la-k-wel”–which translates into “If you survive it, you will see it.”–and set in a picturesque but economically depressed location, the conical structure of the Earthship evokes spaceships that plan to leave earth for a more just future that we create and imagine together. Francis also includes video of Jane Finch Action Against Poverty as she follows them into the 2017 May Day march, an action which seek greater justice right where we are.

Malinda Francis Jane Finch Action Against Poverty, May Day 2017 Toronto

Malinda Francis, Jane Finch Action Against Poverty, Toronto, video still, May 1st 201718489730_1986250904944816_3781377437509583106_o

Nazzal‘s is a community engaged project of “Cross Stitching Solidarity” using Palestinian embroidery techniques to bring people together at the gallery to make something that is larger then the sum of its parts. Francis and Nazzal, although using disparate visual strategies, both propose a kind of transnational solidarity that implicates, resists, and creates new possibilities for Mikinaakominis/Canada.
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Malinda Francis (a docuvixen film) is a Toronto based videomaker. Francis’ creation is based in an integrated consent driven process throughout the production period. Her immersed/imbeded community led process includes shared partnership/ownership models with the community members she documents. Malinda Francis has been following Jane Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP), a resident led action group which aims to eliminate poverty, for 9 years. She conceptualizes her work with JFAAP as an ongoing community story-telling project. She has been in production of her feature film called The Diaspora Travels: Haiti for 6 years. This project follows Haitian and diaspora led reconstruction projects after the 2010 Earthquake.

 Rehab Nazzal is a Palestinian-born multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Nazzal holds an MFA from Ryerson University (Toronto), a BFA from the University of Ottawa, and a BA in Economics from Damascus University (Syria). Her video, photography, and sound work deal with representation of violence of war and colonialism. Nazzal’s work has been shown in Canada and internationally in both group and solo exhibitions and screenings. Nazzal is currently pursuing her PhD in Art and Visual Culture at the University of Western Ontario (Canada).

Due to the fact that of the ongoing nature of my work, been following JFAAP, (Facebook Page) , Jane Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP) for 9 years, and (Facebook Page) The Diaspora Travels: Haiti Haitians to Haiti for 6 years now . This is my first opportunity to but it all in one show.

I am slowly defining my process as follows:Ongoing community engagement using film, radio, and media production, imbedded community storytelling. Working to create an integrated consent process throughout the production process, and build community partnership/ownership models with  community members.  She feels the only way she can tell a story from the point of view of marginalized communities is to immerse oneself in a community, and have shared partnership throughout the production process.  This process continues to develop as the work continues. Make sure you follow my ongoing thinking around this at (Facebook Page) a docuvixen film

Please pass through the Gallery if you can!!! More Info Email me at

Design by Eddy Daoriginalone

Construction Dates at Sa-K-La-K-Wel

Sa-K-La-K-Wel ongoing Community Driven and Participation Construction Amphitheatre Community Centre (Earthship Biotecture inspired build in Oban, Jacmel Haiti) Construction will run, Feb. 6th to Feb 23 2017, if you want direction on how to donate to the build email Marita Mariasine, at

This entirely grassroots, run by the community for the community, meaning no NGOs, all funds go directly to Build Costs, stay tuned for updates.

Sa-k-la-k-Wel and Indy Convergence Post Construction final Performance Fete, 2015

This is exciting, this year marks 4th year of construction, the aim is for the Community Centre to be finished next year. 2018

The next show will be under the full moon of Saturday, 11 March 2017.

The Diaspora Travels: Haiti Post Production 2015 Blog 


December 11th, Diaspora Travels: a docuvixen film was invited to speak about 2015 Production and what is upcoming for ongoing 2016 Amphitheatre Build in Haiti.

BLM T.O. & UNIT 2 PRSNT: Breaking Borders Fun(d)raiser: support Baltimore, Oakland, Haiti to Toronto!

The Diaspora Travels: Haiti

Vatican Jacmel

Earthship Haiti


Build 2016 GoFundMe Canadian Funds

GoFundMe US Funds

Indy Convergence

Melissa’s Hope

For Immediate Release – The Diaspora Travels: Haiti 2015 Production Trip Talk Back

Photo by Vanissa Chan
Photo by Vanissa Chan

Thursday, July 9th, 2015
Unit 2
163 STERLING ROAD, Toronto, Ontario

This year was our 2nd Project Trip to Haiti. We were able to continue to follow the Haitian Diaspora to the Ground in Haiti and follow grassroots reconstruction efforts after the Earthquake.

We landed in Haiti February 4th and were able to stay there with your support till April 27th. We were in Port au Prince doing follow up interviews from our last trip had our office and continue to build with Maurice Sixto (MOY). The Maurice Foundations promotes Education and Haitian Culture, and has campaigns against the Restavek system, and has a community school for rescued children in Port au Prince. Their School is still being restoration from the destruction from the Earthquake.

A restavek (or restavec) is a child in Haiti who is sent by his or her parents to work for a host household as a domestic servant because the parents lack the resources required to support the child.

We also went to Melissa’s Hope Foundation is an orphanage, school, and camp in Haiti. Our mission is to give hope and love to the future. Melissa’s Hope symbolizes, which is run by former Diaspora Haitian who returned to Haiti, Pascal Bain, because he spoke English he was able to advocate for alot of Haitians around him in gaining resources, after the Earthquake.

We also returned to FONDASYON FELICITEE and did a follow up interview with Haitian Historian Bayinnah Bello, who does monthy free educationally workships in Port au Prince.

In Jacmel we were following the efforts of Earthship Haiti which coordinated a build of Amphitheatre and Community School called Sa-K-La-K-Wel. We will be speaking with the lead Builders of the Site this year. (Robert Negron, Oja Vincent, and Marita Marisine) as well as Denise Rodriguez who was an International Volunteer on the Build.

We had the opportunity to meet Reginal Turnier (Diaspora who moved back in 2002 to convert an alley full of Garbage into an Art Gallery, Bar Restaurant Vatican, in downtown Jacmel, which was our production office, we are also continuing to build towards an ongoing partnership in an interactive project called Musse Mobile.

We travelled all the way to Anse d’hainault to see the start of a Permaculture Centre called We will speak with the founder Nadine Dominique who will speak about the importance of developping Permaculture and localized agriculture in Haiti.

We are speaking with Kara Lightburn part of Social Tap, Inc, The Haiti Initiative.

Our approach in this core initiative is born out of the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) approach that Social Tap Inc. was founded on. We believe that community development is most sustainable when the change is facilitated by community partners who have a real stake in the community.

Through partnering with local organizations, we seek to recognize and connect the various strengths within the community to build a strong capacity for change and empowerment. This approach also emphasizes facilitating groups who wish to come to Haiti and help by partnering them with the appropriate organizations, institutions, groups, and individuals.

Kara was recently in Anse-a-Pitre which is located in the South East Department of Haiti right on the border with the Dominican Republic. A reported 31,175 Haitian/Dominicans have ‘voluntarily deported’ themselves according to Dominican Immigration services since June 17th traveling across the border to Haiti. Those who arrived in this region from the #DRhave been setting up camp in Parc de Cadot right outside of Anse-A-Pitre on the #Haiti side…. It is a desert waste land that has been designated for these #stateless individuals and families.

WE CONDEMN the Actions of the Dominican Republic government, and ongoing violence that Haitians face in the Dominican Republic.

Come and hear about the 2015 Production Trip.

We continue to build long term relationships and strengthening Diaspora networks that reach directly to the ground and the people of Haiti, and go beyond barriers that Haitians have to face in their daily lives.

The Diaspora Travels: Haiti Crew.

Facebook Event: Link

This event will be recorded and streamed.

For Immediate Release: The Diaspora Travels: Haiti Pitch for your Support

Monday, February 16th, 2015
Diaspora Travels returns to Haiti four years later, to continue to their working in exploring Haitian and Haitian Diasporic driven initiatives after the Earthquake, we are here for the second time. Our first trip was in February 2011, and now we are back doing follow up interviews in Port au Prince as well spending most of our time in Jacmel following the Earthship inspired build Community Centre, Amphitheatre and School Build called Sa-K-la-ka-Wel (means: If you survive it, you will see it) in the Oban, Community in Jacmel, Haiti. Our full story.

The Diaspora Travels: Haiti The aim of the feature documentary film and digital interactive project is to explore Haitian and Haitian Diasporic reconstructions projects after the Earthquake (January 12th, 2010) to counter the mainstream media’s portrayal of Haiti which often leaves out the local story and omits the rebuilding efforts of Haitians are doing themselves to rebuild. The film explores Haitian Resilience and asks the question how do your rebuild when 300,000 people die in a moment. For full back ground on the project please go to

Diaspora Travels in is a collaborative project between a docuvixen film (Malinda Francis), Alliance of Conscious Documentarians (ACD Media) (Oja Vincent), and Anaconda Motion Pictures (Michel Dessources Jr), just joining the team is Shana McCalla is Salem Script Productions as another producer.  As well as Vanissa Chan also apart of (ACD Media) in the Production Office as well as Photographer/Illustrator.

Since January 12, 2010 Earthquake, which was the biggest show of international support ever in history globally we have since seen the majority of billion dollars of foreign aid has  evaporated into the non-profit industrial complex. This is how Haiti has become know as the “the Nation of NGOs.”

The movement for sustainable living has become ever more urgent. Here in Haiti they say Haitians pay to be in darkness, the average being 5 hours a day or every other day, as well a gas prices have been going up, probably the only place in this Hemisphere, making life for Haitians very hard.  This makes movement towards Environmental and Social Justice one in the the same. This lack of access to energy for Haitians makes solar and sustainable energy very urgent.

The majority of the 13 billion dollars of foreign aid has evaporated by the non-profit industrial complex and haven’t made it to the ground, so all the grassroots organizations we work with there are no salaries given to Foreign Workers this is done strategically to prevent corruption.  All money is spent locally all resources are brought directly to the ground, if there is foreign participation, usually though paid volunteer positions which then is funnelled back into the local economy.

In Haiti they say Haitians pay to be in darkness, the average is having power 5 hours of day, to every other day for the average Haitian, which makes solar energy every more crucial to be made accessible to Haitians. This makes the movement towards Environmental Justice and Social Justice one and the same.  This movement it is direct challenge to “Disaster Capitalism” (illustrated by author Naomi Klein) directly on the ground in Haiti. Earthship Biotecture  Humanitarian builds, including the one here in Haiti works through participatory construction gives training directly to Haitians, and breaks conventional notions of who can build.

The Community Build of Sa-k-la-k-wel  is in the Oban, Jacmel Community that is taking place is collaboration between Sa-K-la-k-Wel ,Indy Convergence Haiti and Ayiti Ini/Haiti Uni/United Haiti The collaborations work on the principal (If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because you liberation is bound up with up was mine, then let us work together.”LW).

Sa-K-La-K-Wel lost their rented space so the Earthship inspired Build is a space where collaboration and space to skill share between Haitian and International artists, coaching and educators. There has been english and music classes, along with a Football (soccer) team and dojo. Dieudonne Cyprien the Executive Director of the school, a Haitian who donated his families’ land and Robert Negron who is the International Liaison for Artist Collaborations both say that it is urgent for the Amphitheatre and School get constructed so hat collaborations can begin agin.  In Feb-March of 2014 the crew laid the foundation down and this year Feb-March 2015 the second stage of the build where the Amphitheatre, seating and on class room is going up.

Diaspora Travels is also seeking support for their portion of the Build as well as supplies, such a tools, boots for volunteers. To donate directly please go to our Go Fund Me and give directly to the work done on the ground.


You can give also to the production of the feature documentary, The Diaspora Travels: Haiti the film, and our ongoing work in and Haiti with the digital interactive project which is an ongoing mapping of Haitian and Haitian Diasporic Restruction Projects, please go to IndieGoGo (

Here is our Video Pitch for your support:
Don’t hesitate to ask for more information on how to get involved and other ways you can support. If you have any media inquiries, please contact: Shana McCalla at, or
The Diaspora Travels: Haiti Crew
Malinda Francis (Producer, Co-Director, Camera, Editor)

First Day in Haiti – Port au Prince to Jacmel

We arrived thanks to our great send off in Brooklyn, I want to thank all those who came through. We got here and the build is happening and filmming continues.

We are in Jacmel.
Thanks all for your support.

The Diaspora Travels: Haiti
Haitian Resilience and Reconstruction.
Travel stories from the Black, Caribbean and African Diaspora
a docuvixen film, acd media and Anacoana Motion Pictures.

We still need your support: To our efforts on the ground and support for the Documentary Film and Interactive Digital Project :
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Support the build in Haiti:, and

The Diaspora Travels: Haiti 2015 Blog 1– Fundraiser Series

Performers: The Peace Poets, Naima Penniman of Climbing Poetree and Ayiti Rising, Spiritchild.

We would like to thank all those who have touched this Project, it has been a long journey and will continue as the Reconstruction continues. A lot of people have contribute to this ongoing feature film documentary and ongoing Digital Interactive Project.

1st Production Trip

Network donation 2000

Catharina DeRuyter — ongoing support silent Executive Producer
Calvert Francis — ongoing support 600 Dollars
Audrey Huntley– 75 Dollars
David James Fernandez and Nrinder Nann— 100 Dollars

Diner En Noir
April 2012

Michel Dessources Jr – Photographer
Adrian Worrell – Writer
The Movement Project –collective donation ( 5000 )
Positive Vibes- Mindspace – Tracey Hayes – 300 (alchohol)
Gold Coast Godess – Decor
Emile Francis – Chef Services
Motu Awogebade – Event Manager
Nadine Adrian Alice – Door and Media
Ilene Sova- Live Painter (Seraphine Legend)
Jennifer McKinley- Volunteer
Deejay Nana- Deejay
Newton DjNs Jean-jacques Deejay
Dj – Gadget DeeJay
Justin Trencio – Equipment Donation

Thanks to all the people whom came through we made 300 dollars.

Vee – 100 dollars
Tyronne Maxey – 250 dollars
Marque – 20 dollars
Kemba King – 30 dollars
Danielle Smith- 10 dollars
Kelly Fraser- 25 dollars

January 29th Fundraiser: Toronto

Unit 2 (Nicholas Murr, Rosina Kazi ) Space Donation
Firm Grape – Wine Sponsor
Shana McCalla – Roots Reggae Radio

Thanks to all the people whom came through we made 220 dollars.

February 3rd, Fundraiser Send off: Brooklyn

Bed-vyne Brew – Space Donation
Paintings (Haitian Art) on Auction
Donated Vinyl from Sony, OutKast, Sade, Naz
Live Painting – Auction (Seraphine by Ilene Sova)

Thanks to all the performers and all those who came through we made 700 dollars.

Online Campaign

Jennifer Gonzalez 25 dollars
Barrie Cline 25 dollars
Juana Gutierrez – 15 dollars

Please pass on the project we still need support. Thanks you and mesi anpil.

Malinda Francis (Co-Producer/Director, Camera, Editor)

The Diaspora Travels: Haiti
Haitian Resilience and Reconstruction.
Travel stories from the Black, Caribbean and African Diaspora
a docuvixen film, acd media and Anacoana Motion Pictures.

We still need your support: To our efforts on the ground and support for the Documentary Film and Interactive Digital Project :
Go Fund Me

Investigating the barriers preventing resources from reaching those who most need them. Uncovering roles that Haitians and Diasporic Haitians play in the `Reconstruction'.