The Diaspora Travels: Haiti 2015 Blog 1– Fundraiser Series

Performers: The Peace Poets, Naima Penniman of Climbing Poetree and Ayiti Rising, Spiritchild.

We would like to thank all those who have touched this Project, it has been a long journey and will continue as the Reconstruction continues. A lot of people have contribute to this ongoing feature film documentary and ongoing Digital Interactive Project.

1st Production Trip

Network donation 2000

Catharina DeRuyter — ongoing support silent Executive Producer
Calvert Francis — ongoing support 600 Dollars
Audrey Huntley– 75 Dollars
David James Fernandez and Nrinder Nann— 100 Dollars

Diner En Noir
April 2012

Michel Dessources Jr – Photographer
Adrian Worrell – Writer
The Movement Project –collective donation ( 5000 )
Positive Vibes- Mindspace – Tracey Hayes – 300 (alchohol)
Gold Coast Godess – Decor
Emile Francis – Chef Services
Motu Awogebade – Event Manager
Nadine Adrian Alice – Door and Media
Ilene Sova- Live Painter (Seraphine Legend)
Jennifer McKinley- Volunteer
Deejay Nana- Deejay
Newton DjNs Jean-jacques Deejay
Dj – Gadget DeeJay
Justin Trencio – Equipment Donation

Thanks to all the people whom came through we made 300 dollars.

Vee – 100 dollars
Tyronne Maxey – 250 dollars
Marque – 20 dollars
Kemba King – 30 dollars
Danielle Smith- 10 dollars
Kelly Fraser- 25 dollars

January 29th Fundraiser: Toronto

Unit 2 (Nicholas Murr, Rosina Kazi ) Space Donation
Firm Grape – Wine Sponsor
Shana McCalla – Roots Reggae Radio

Thanks to all the people whom came through we made 220 dollars.

February 3rd, Fundraiser Send off: Brooklyn

Bed-vyne Brew – Space Donation
Paintings (Haitian Art) on Auction
Donated Vinyl from Sony, OutKast, Sade, Naz
Live Painting – Auction (Seraphine by Ilene Sova)

Thanks to all the performers and all those who came through we made 700 dollars.

Online Campaign

Jennifer Gonzalez 25 dollars
Barrie Cline 25 dollars
Juana Gutierrez – 15 dollars

Please pass on the project we still need support. Thanks you and mesi anpil.

Malinda Francis (Co-Producer/Director, Camera, Editor)

The Diaspora Travels: Haiti
Haitian Resilience and Reconstruction.
Travel stories from the Black, Caribbean and African Diaspora
a docuvixen film, acd media and Anacoana Motion Pictures.

We still need your support: To our efforts on the ground and support for the Documentary Film and Interactive Digital Project :
Go Fund Me


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