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First Day in Haiti – Port au Prince to Jacmel

We arrived thanks to our great send off in Brooklyn, I want to thank all those who came through. We got here and the build is happening and filmming continues.

We are in Jacmel.
Thanks all for your support.

The Diaspora Travels: Haiti
Haitian Resilience and Reconstruction.
Travel stories from the Black, Caribbean and African Diaspora
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We Remember January 12, 2010 at 16:53pm Towards our 2nd Trip (February-March 2015)

Remembrance 01.12.10 at 16:53 local Haitian Time ~ via: Oja Soundtwista

January 12, 2010, This year marks the 5th Anniversary of the earthquake that took the life of more than 300,000 Haitians and changed the course of so many others in Haiti as well as in the diaspora around the world, yours truly included. May those who survived remain blessed, strong, and healthy. Bless those who have passed as well. Although the news story has come and gone like so much else in the amnesia of the mass media system of the states, the work continues, this new revolution of true solidarity and collective solutions with Haitians in Haiti at the core continues. These collaborative efforts of recovery and healing are preparation for the future as the climate continues to change and get more belligerent in concert with so called ‘free trade ‘ policies that overpopulate cities and privatize resources making them unreachable for most as it severely limits the options for working people (there are even less options for those who have no work and remain in destitute poverty). Much like the revolution that gave Haiti her sovereignty, the instances of people united to create strength with the intent of returning self determination to the people of Haiti and those in opposition to disruption of civil society’s stability will provide solutions and support for all of the world’s people who are seeking true self-determination and dignity…action speaks loudest. Much respect to all of the individuals and groups who have been and will continue to do this work, inside and outside of Haiti: to all the authors and journalists who have exposed those who have stolen and continued to make attempts defame Haiti’s people and culture, the organizations who have respected the people of Haiti, not stolen, but worked with their ears and eyes opened with respect; those who have taken action and remain involved in ways that help empower us all. Silent time today for reflection and contemplation, honor and respect as we continue build this movement.

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The Diaspora Travels: Haiti towards our second Trip Gearing up Crew
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